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Baviaanskloof Honey

100% Pure, raw honey.

Quintis' love of bees and honey is part of his heritage as can be seen on their family coat of arms with the bees and beehive on it which they use on their labels. He is the proud owner of over 300 hives in the Baviaanskloof and surrounds. He was also involved as mentor in a project to help members of the local community get their own apiaries into production.

The Baviaanskloof is world famous for the amazing variety of plant species found there, the result of seven biomes converging.

Baviaanskloof honey is produced from a mixture of karoo succulents like Aloe ferox; Fynbos; and plants from the subtropical thicket, Nama Karoo and Grassland biomes found on the farm
The honey is bottled on the farm. You can buy it on the farm, in Willowmore, Uniondale, Patensie and at quite a few outlets on the Garden Route.

Honey Vinegar and Honey vinegar salad dressing

Quintis and Anina produces honey vinegar as well as honey vinegar salad dressing. The vinegar is made through natural fermentation with no added yeasts or preservatives.

The salad dressing is oil free and can also be used as a meat marinade.

The honey as well as the vinegar and salad dressing is beautifully packaged and makes wonderful gifts.

Beeswax foundation sheets

The most recent addition to this beekeeping business is wax rolling machines. Beeswax is recycled and sterilized and rolled into foundation sheets that are used in hives.

Wax foundation sheets are supplied to other beekeepers and Quintis buys surplus wax from beekeepers.